The Speaking Hats is a tale of love, dreams and desires! Brainchild of Sumant Batra, it is an endeavor to bring together a vibrant group of individuals and institutions with dreams, values and talents who believe that a proper cultural celebration is essential for cultivating self-fulfilled youth and producing leaders in all spheres of life. It is a bundle of integrated initiatives aimed at stimulating the imaginations of a whole new generation through the eccentricities of creativity and richness of art, music, drama and literature.
Be its flagrantly bombastic theatre facades, on-the-face drama or the artistic ancillary supports, the youth of our society are deeply influenced by the aspects of theatre and cinema. The role of artists, writers, poets, film makers therefore, assumes far greater importance in such times, in particular in guiding the youth in coping with the fallout of the changing social, economic, and cultural landscape. This change must be documented. Our activities underline this philosophy.
Its programs are built around an unconventional framework and format. They are a manifestation of a glorious past, riddled present and an untold future. Our activities defy unneeded protocol but uphold precious traditions. They are old-fashioned but electric - an old wine in a contemporary bottle with a signature label.
Although an outcome of idiocentric enthusiasm of a hat-loving man, The Speaking Hats is expected to represent the shades of a collective conscience of a young country with an even younger population.
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