Sumant is a frequent expert speaker at international and national conferences, seminars, workshops and working groups. He has made presentations on diverse policy and legal matters at IMF, World Bank, OECD, INSOL, IFC, IBA, IPBA and other prestigious platforms. He has made presentations in over 100 conferences on varied subjects. A sample of his presentations is listed below.
If you would like to obtain a copy of any of his presentations, please contact him.
Reform of Insovency System to Global Financial Crisis - Annual IMF Conference, 2009, USA
Doing Business With Destination - India, Singapore
SME Legal Reforms - INSOL India Conference, Kovelam, August, 2010
Creditors Participation in Restructuring, 2006, FAIR, Beijing
India as an Emerging Economic Giant, IBA, March, 2009, Mumbai
Corporate Insolvency Law Review, CII Asset Reconstruction Summit, March, 2009, India
Credit Financing of SMEs, Global SME Summit, March, 2006, Brazil
Driving Entrepreneurial Growth-Legal and Regulatory Reforms, January, 2008, India
Insolvency Perspective & International Developments - First batch of ICA officers, IICA, May 2010, New Delhi
Liberalisation of Services, September, 2006, India
Mergers & Acquisitions, FIIB, April 2006, India
Private Equity World - India - June 26, 2007, Mumbai
Real Estate Investment, April, 2007, Mumbai
Relevance of Insolvency Laws in Economy - BLS Institute of Management, February, 2009
Right to Information, PSUs, India
Role of Corporate Governance, November, 2006, Turkey
Secured Transaction & Insolvency Laws at Crossroads, World Bank Conference, May, 2009, USA
Securitisation - Future Funding Vehicle, Assocham Conference, India
Setting up SEZs in India, USA